The Biology of Fear

Fear is a primary emotion many trauma survivors and people in recovery struggle with. Many try to flee the reactions and sensations it triggers through addictive or other self-destructive behaviors. I work with my clients to be mindful that experiencing fear (like all emotions) is invaluable to our health and survival. The thoughts and reactions …

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The Emotional Engines of Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional and physical reaction to a perceived fear, threat or challenge that often stems from uncertainty about potential circumstances or situations. In short, anxiety is the fear of uncertainty. If you suffer from anxiety and are interested in calming it, you may have considered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I have found CBT …

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Shame, Guilt and Addiction

A new study in Clinical Psychological Science confirms and lends proof to what many of us in the addiction field have known for years: shame can be a powerful barrier to recovery. The study, conducted by two psychologists at the University of British Columbia looked at the impact shame and guilt has on alcoholics in …

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Overcoming the Sexual Abuse of a Parent

“The following is taken from an interview I did with Jaleh Weber, a journalist at While I struggled with the idea that there are “tips” on how to overcome the sexual abuse of a parent I do agree with the message Jaleh wanted to convey.” -Mark Falango

Where you sexually abused by a parent and are unsure on how to go about in healing from the abuse? To help understand what type of impact sexual abuse of a parent can have on someone’s overall life and what you can do to overcome the sexual abuse you experienced from your parent, I have interviewed psychotherapist Mark Falango LCSW.

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