Individual Psychotherapy

Clinical Specialties
The following is a list of my clinical specialties. These are areas in which I have extensive training and experience.

Beginning the process of therapy is for many people both empowering and challenging. It may raise some anxiety and fear. That is to be expected. This is why I encourage my clients to set the tone and pace of their sessions. The goal of therapy is to help you better understand your emotions, behaviors, and perceptions. Most people seek out therapy to work through and resolve a specific problem or help them cope with a challenging change in their life. Therapy will give you the insight into why you experience situations and relationships in the way you do. Often this type of exploration leads you to identify where else and in what other ways the problem or challenge exists. In doing so, you will not only be able to resolve the initial problem you were struggling with, but also break the patterns that may lead you into stressful situations. To help in this process I will provide a supportive, confidential, nonjudgmental environment for you to explore your feelings and plan actions that will help improve your life. My approach is goal-oriented, interactive, and strengths-based incorporating psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques.

Therapy is most effective when there is a strong alliance between client and therapist. The dynamics of this partnership may at times echo familiar feelings, behaviors, and challenges of past relationships. I encourage my clients to use the therapeutic relationship to try out new ways of interacting with the significant people in their lives. The honesty you bring to the process and to our partnership will help us closely explore where you may be facing challenges in other relationships.

Often clients want to know how long they will be in therapy. The length of time is determined by what issues you seek to resolve. After our first few sessions we will set some goals for what you would like to accomplish. The goals will be reviewed periodically to assess the progress we are making or identify some changes in the treatment.

Telehealth Services

As technology facilitates new ways to assist people in meeting their emotional, relationship and recovery needs, I am happy to move with these advancements to provide telehealth services. Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, online therapy or e-therapy, is the use of electronic transmission to provide interactive, real-time mental health services remotely. These services include individual, couples, family and group therapy as well as clinical supervision and consultation. Telehealth services can be delivered via the internet or telephone.

I am licensed in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York to provide telehealth services. Online services are provided through a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing web platform. The laws that protect the confidentiality of your medical information for in-person sessions also apply to telehealth sessions.

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